How (and Why) We Rebranded Our Company

We had a total overhaul of our business look, feel and positioning. Exciting? Absolutely....
At Imagink we are committed to creative and high quality print for our global clients combining creativity and professionalism to deliver maximum impact and first-class results. Over the last few years, we’ve spent time furthering our knowledge and deepening our client relationships so we wanted to represent our business in a more impactful and creative way. That’s why we’ve created a new look for our brand that fully reflects what we stand for today.

The Imagink Icon

While we wanted to keep our well loved brand name, we knew the logo and colour palette needed a bit of TLC. Our new icon incorporates three main elements relevant to the nature of our business. The final icon reflects the creative nature of our approach and offering, combining the ink drop from our previous branding, a print roller and the first letter of our name.

When designing a new logo it's important to consider the various applications on which your logo will be seen. There's not always the luxury of space to use your full logo such as in profile pictures on social media and small print products such as stickers or badges, this is when a submark or an icon can be useful in addition to a word mark!

The colour palette

Blue has always been our colour, it's professional, trustworthy and by coincidence goes with all the carpet through the office! Our old branding was bright blue and grey, pretty nice but not very representative of all the creative and exciting projects we have worked on since then! We decided to ditch the grey and go for something a bit more modern and striking - introducing our bright cyan shade complimented with a rich blue.

The vibrant cyan used throughout our identity injects a sense of energy and creativity to our brand. The darker blue provides our identity with a confidence and assuredness. We hope our new strong, bold colour palette represents Imagink's reliability, creativity and unconditional professionalism.

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