4 packaging insert ideas to surprise your customers and grow sales

Whether you have your own dedicated ecommerce store or you're just setting up on Etsy, a unique unboxing experience has the power to surprise and delight your customers.
Packaging inserts are a truly versatile tool. We've gathered a few ideas to surprise and delight your customers. In our digital world where everyone's inbox is overwhelmed with discounts and incentives, why not try a bit of old school print to enticing your customers to come back for more. You can tell your brand story and reward them with cleverly designed custom packaging inserts.
Thank you cards

Let’s start with the most simple yet effective insert: a thoughtful card thanking them for their purchase. It’s a simple insert card for your packaging, but a big step for your customer relationships. Thank you cards allow you to show your gratitude with a lovely branded design, but they can do so much more!

They’re a great opportunity to build awareness by talking about your brand ethos, showcase your product range, and share your website and social media accounts to stay connected with your customers. If possible, add a personalised note to show customers you care about each and every one of them individually. It’s always nice to know there are humans behind the brand!


Whether you call them coupons, discount cards or promo flyers, the idea is the same: rewarding customers with a little something off their next order. Coupons are a great way to encourage repeat purchases for both new and returning customers. It’s one of the best packaging insert ideas to foster loyalty and create a lasting relationship with your customers.

In practice, you can share a discount code for a specific amount or percentage off. If your offers are limited to a specific product or range, make sure you choose the relevant one for this specific customer based on their purchase. You can base the terms and conditions on a minimum spend or a time range, depending on your objectives. Print your custom packaging inserts on Flyers, Postcards, or even Business Cards that can double as a keepsake.

Referral Cards

One mission: spread the love! Referral schemes are a clever way to encourage your community to recruit new customers through word of mouth. The principle? Rewarding them with a freebie or discount when they invite friends, often giving a discount to the latter too. Referral schemes make the perfect packaging insert cards for a small business looking to expand their customer base and build a strong, lasting relationship with buyers. You can make your referral card look like an Invitation to make your customers feel like VIPs or use the Business Card format for a fun-size, versatile packaging insert card.


It’s a fact: everyone loves a freebie, and it doesn’t have to be an insert card for your packaging to look awesome. Freebies can be as little or as big as you want and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your customers’ faces. From fun Stickers to put on their laptop to a nice sample to introduce new products, there are so many ways to treat your customers with a nice packaging insert.

You can also consider including a free full-size product – it’s a clever way to repurpose a discontinued range. Or create your own branded merchandise with a beautiful Custom Water Bottle or Notebook to say a bigger thank you to your loyal community.

Ready to delight your customers with packaging inserts? Start a project to get the ball rolling!

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