Festive Foiling: 4 shining examples for your Christmas collateral

A metallic foil finish isn't only eye-catching, it also stands out as looking truly luxurious, but luxury doesn't necessarily need to break the bank!
Foil blocking defines elegance, especially at this festive time of year. Whether it's on a business card, an invitation or brochure nothing else comes close when you want to position something as premium or high quality.

All that glitters...

At Imagink we use digital foil printing to recreate the stylish and elegant effect of traditional foil blocking at a much lower cost. The digital process is a lot easier to use as the hot foil is printed directly from a computer file such as a PDF. The final effect is even and smooth as opposed to the embossed look achieved with the traditional foiling block method. This process is a lot easier to produce and makes a more cost-effective choice for your business!

With digital foil printing you're never tied down to choosing a pre-made pattern because no stamps are required. This means printing individual names or different designs is very simple! With traditional foil blocking your printer would need to create lots of different stamps which could become very expensive. With digital printing the turnaround is a lot quicker as the printer settings are all stored digitally.

For the digital method, we firstly turn the areas to be foiled black. We then place the desired foil colour with a transfer backing in the printer, some of the most popular choices are rose gold, silver and gold. When the foil is heated and pressed onto the paper, the foil detaches and adheres to anywhere printed in solid black ink. Only the areas in black get hot enough for the foil to be applied meaning it really is super easy to have any design you want!

Here are some examples of how you can use foil blocking for your festive print:

1) Beautiful Business Cards

Exhibiting at a local Christmas market? Or offering a festive loyalty scheme? Successful branding is first and foremost a visual experience so entice your customers to pick up your cards by taking them from ordinary to amazing!

2) Metallic Menus

Whether you prefer the luxury of gold, the subtlety of silver or on-trend rose gold adding a hint of foil to your festive menus can ensure your menus look as gorgeous as the food! Check out these menus we designed and printed the Chequers in Aylesford for a little inspiration...

3) Incredible Invites

What's a Christmas party without a little sparkle? Take your invites to the next level by pairing your foil with some subtle illustrative elements like we did below or you could go big with some bold foiled typography.

4) Chrome Christmas Cards

Well we couldn't leave our own Christmas cards out when it came to designing our festive print! We incorporated our new branding in to our festive card and finished it off with a little silver foil - head to our homepage to see a video of the full print process!

Christmas crept up on you and you've totally forgotten about the company Christmas card? It's not too late! Give us a call or email us and we'll have it ready before the boss notices!

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