Establishing a tailor made partnership with the understanding of your business, to help you to drive ROI and POS impact, with maximum cost efficiencies. A friendly professional, experienced approach

Screen/Litho/Digital – Imagink brings campaigns to life across all medias, we have the capabilities to deliver on all levels and maintain consistency

2D/3D  – Imagink have a wealth of experience in creating 3D point of Sale.

PVC – Printing on PVC is a specialty at Imagink

Onsite business improvement manager and team, roving quality in all areas of the business.

Unrivaled capacity

Approximately 35% latent capacity held in reserve for the reactive campaigns

Project Management – technical review of each project, strategic outsource partnerships, full tracking PDF workflow and benchmarking

Services: Supply Chain management, personalisation, mailing & fulfillment, storage and Distribution and e-commerce solutions.